Grand Theft Auto is an open world action-adventure video game series created by David Jones and Mike Dailly; the later titles of which were created by brothers Dan and Sam HouserLeslie Benzies and Aaron Garbut. It is primarily developed by Rockstar North(formerly DMA Design), and published by Rockstar Games. The name of the series references the term used in the US for motor vehicle theft.

Most games in the series are set in fictional locales modelled on American cities, usually either Liberty City, Vice City, or San Andreas, which are stand-ins for New York City, Miami, and the state of California, respectively. The first game encompassed three fictional cities, while subsequent titles tend to emphasise a single city and its outlying areas. Gameplay focuses on an open worldwhere the player can choose missions to progress an overall story, as well as engaging in side activities, all consisting of action-adventuredrivingthird-person shooting, occasional role-playingstealth, and racing elements. The series also has elements of the earlier beat 'em up games from the 16-bit era. The series has gained controversy for its adult nature and violent themes. The series focuses around many different protagonists who attempt to rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld, although their motives for doing so vary in each game. The antagonists are commonly characters who have betrayed the protagonist or his organisation, or characters who have the most impact impeding the protagonist's progress. With its British origin, the series contains satire and humour.

British video game developer DMA Design began the series in 1997. As of 2014, it has eleven stand-alone games and four expansion packs. The third chronological title, Grand Theft Auto III, was widely acclaimed, as it brought the series to a 3D setting and more immersive experience, and is considered a landmark title that has subsequently influenced many other open world action games and led to the label "Grand Theft Auto clone" on similar games. Subsequent titles would follow and build upon the concept established in Grand Theft Auto III and the series has continued receiving significant acclaim ever since. Film and music veterans have voiced characters, including Ray LiottaBurt ReynoldsDennis HopperSamuel L. JacksonJames WoodsDebbie HarryPhil CollinsAxl Rose, and Peter Fonda.The series has been critically acclaimed and commercially successful, having shipped more than 235 million units, as of September 2015.In 2006, Grand Theft Auto featured in a list of British design icons in the Great British Design Quest organised by the BBC and the Design Museum. In 2013 The Telegraph ranked the GTA series among Britain's most successful exports.


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The Grand Theft Auto series is split into separate fictional universes, named after the primary level of graphics capability used in each era.The original Grand Theft Auto, its expansions and its sequel are considered the "2D universe". Grand Theft Auto III and its sequels are considered the "3D universe". Grand Theft Auto IV, its expansions and Grand Theft Auto V are considered the "HD universe". Each universe is considered separate with only brands, place names and background characters shared between them.

Grand Theft Auto, the first game in the series, was released for Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS in October 1997, ported to the PlayStation in 1998 and the Game Boy Color in 1999. Grand Theft Auto 2 was released in 1999 for Microsoft Windows, later receiving ports on the PlayStation, Dreamcast and Game Boy Color.

The PlayStation 2 also featured three instalments of the main series, all of which have been re-released on several platforms; a deal between Take-Two Interactive and Sony Computer Entertainment resulted in their timed exclusivity on the PlayStation 2, before receiving ports to Microsoft Windows and the Xbox. The 2001 title Grand Theft Auto III moved away from the two-dimension (2D) graphics used in the first two games to three-dimension (3D) computer graphics; the game features polygonal characters on pre-rendered backgrounds. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was published in 2002, and was the first to feature a speaking protagonist, voiced by Ray Liotta. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, released in 2004, introduced various new elements, including character customisation and a large map encompassing three cities and surrounding rural area.

Two main instalments were published for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The 2008 title Grand Theft Auto IV focused on realism and detail, removing various customisation features, while adding an online multiplayer mode. Grand Theft Auto V, published in 2013, featured three playable protagonists. It was released to massive financial success, breaking multiple records.It was later re-released with various enhancements, in 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

Grand Theft Auto has spawned numerous additional games and expansion packs. In 1999, the original game received two expansion packs: Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London 1961. Grand Theft Auto Advance, released in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance, featured a top-down perspective. Three games were released for the PlayStation Portable. The 2005 game Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is a prequel to Grand Theft Auto III, while the 2006 game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is a prequel to Vice City; both games were later ported to the PlayStation 2. In 2009, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was released for the Nintendo DS, and later ported to the PlayStation Portable.In 2009, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony were released for the Xbox 360 as expansion packs to Grand Theft Auto IV; a "strategic alliance" between Rockstar and Microsoft resulted in the timed exclusivity. They were later released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows as part of an expansion pack, titled Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City.

Numerous titles in the series have received ports to mobile devices. Chinatown Wars was released for iOS in 2010 and for Android and Fire OS in 2014. For their tenth anniversaries, Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City were both re-released for iOS and Android in 2011 and 2012, respectively. In 2013, San Andreas was ported to iOS, Android & Windows Phone and RTthe mobile port was later re-released for Xbox 360 in 2014, the year of the game's tenth anniversary. In 2015 Liberty City Stories was ported to iOS, Android & Fire OS.


Welcome to my collection of Grand Theft Auto videos. Please view the gallery or the links below.......





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Grand Theft Auto Online is a persistentopen world online multiplayervideo game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 1 October 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and was released on 18 November 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Microsoft Windows version on 14 April 2015. The game is the online multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto V. Set within the fictional state of San Andreas (based on Southern California), Grand Theft Auto Online allows up to 30 players[b] to explore the open world and engage in cooperative or competitive game matches. The open world design lets players freely roam San Andreas, which includes open countryside and the fictional city of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles).

Developed in tandem with the single-player mode, Grand Theft Auto Onlinewas conceived as a separate experience, to be played in a continually evolving world. At launch, it suffered widespread technical issues resulting in the inability to play missions and loss of character data. It initially polarized reviewers, being criticized for its lack of direction and repetitive missions, with praise particularly directed at the scope and open-ended gameplay. It won divided year-end accolades, ranging from Biggest Disappointment to Best Multiplayer, from several gaming publications. The game receives frequent free updates that further expand on the game modes and content, which has improved critical reception.

Old Grove Street Friends

The story mission Hood Safari takes players back to Grove Street, the old stomping grounds of GTA: San Andreas protagonist CJ and the rest of the Grove Street Families. A lot has changed over the years, but Rockstar couldn't pass up the opportunity to slyly reference their previous work. Just as you turn onto Grove Street itself you'll see characters that look almost exactly like CJ, Big Smoke and Sweet ride by on bicycles.


No Country for Old Men

Off the interstate in the Northwest of portion of the map you can find a random event that recreates the events that spur the movie No Country for Old Men. Mainly dead bodies, and a whole lot of cash.


Max Payne

A suburban clothing store has a goofy-looking hawaiian shirt. Couple that on Michael with a bald head, a big bushy beard, and a pair of Rimmers Steel aviators. The result makes Michael look almost exactly like Max Payne from Max Payne 3 - it's way too close to be a coincidence.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.06.17 PM


Thelma & Louise

Every in-game day at around 7PM, a recreation of the ending of Thelma & Louise plays out at a cliff near Trevor's helipad. Two women in a convertible, boxed in by the police, choose to end it by driving over the edge rather than turn themselves in.


John Marsten is Your Online Dad

In GTA Online if you fiddle with your lineage, you can get Red Dead Redemption hero John Marston to be your father.


Red Dead Novelized

In another RDR nod, in Franklin's second home you'll find a book titled "Red Dead,"with J. Marston listed as the author.


Playboy Mansion

In an out-of-the-way spot in the hills behind Los Santos you can find a mansion that's an obvious nod to Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion. It comes complete with a grotto swimming area and (of course) several topless female party-goers.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.07.00 PM


Tapdancing Hillbilly

One of our personal favorite easter eggs has to be the tap dancing hillbilly. This reference to the real-world tap dancing hillbilly Jesco White comes complete with its own music and voice acting, living up to Rockstar's incredible reputation for detail.


Master Chief?

You can find Republican Space Ranger street performers that look more than a little bit like Halo's Master Chief near GTA 5's version of the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.


Sly Borderlands Clap Trap Nod

Oh Rockstar, you sly devils! Some construction sites in GTA 5 have machines that feature the exact same paint job as Borderlands' lovable robot Clap Trap. It's subtle, but unmistakable.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.05.46 PM


Madd Dog and OG Loc Live

In Franklin's house and a few other places around Los Santos you can find records featuring GTA: San Andreas rappers Madd Dog and OG Loc.


Brucie Kibbutz Lives!

Infamous GTA 4 character Brucie Kibbutz pops up a couple of different times in GTA 5. In a radio segment he can be heard promoting his new performance-enhancing Bullshark Testosterone. There's also an entire in-game website devoted to the performance-enhancing drug. Finally Brucie can also be found in GTA Online.


Drive-Inspired Jacket

A discount store near Trevor's landing strip sells a jacket that's an obvious nod to the one worn by Ryan Gosling in the movie Drive. But it's a friendly crab on the back instead of a much more threatening scorpion.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.08.11 PM



Gone in 60 Seconds

Around the middle of the campaign a story mission takes you to a garage that features a list of cars to boost that is only visible under a blacklight. This setup is an obvious nod to the Nic Cage "classic" Gone in 60 Seconds.


Frozen Alien

Almost everyone knows about GTA 5's numerous UFOs by now, but their presumed pilots also make a carefully hidden appearance. In the game's prologue, if you drive under the bridge when making your escape, you can find an actual alien frozen beneath the ice.


UFOs. UFOs Everywhere. Four of Them, to be Exact

So far four confirmed UFOs have been found in GTA 5. The first is crashed underwater, near the northernmost portion of the map. After you achieve 100% completion, three more pop up: one near Sandy Shores, another above Fort Zancudo, and finally one more above Mt. Chiliad, but reportedly only during a thunderstorm.


A Random Mountain Face

There is a random face textured into the sides of one of GTA 5's mountains. There's no other way to put it. Some think the face looks a lot like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. But we think it's more likely a member of the GTA 5 team.


Scooter Brothers!

One of Trevor's random transitions has him following someone on a scooter shouting only semi-coherently about how they're scooter brothers. This is a reference to a fan-made Youtube clip from GTA 4.


Jackie Brown

Floyd's apartment that Trevor crashes (and eventually trashes) in GTA 5 is laid out almost exactly like Melanie's apartment in Jackie Brown.


Nico Bellic

One reference to GTA 4 hero Nico Bellic that many gamers missed - at one point in the story you can see Michael's son Jimmy browsing Nico's LifeInvader page. And yes, Roman is on his friends list.


Lost Hatch?

Deep in the depths of the ocean you can find a mysterious hatch nestled on the ocean floor that looks a heck of a lot like the infamous hatch from LOST. No sign of any smokes monsters (so far), though.


Manhunt Mask

One of the purchasable masks on Vespucci Beach very closely resembles the infamous Manhunt mask.


Lester's Entire House

Lester's entire house is essentially one giant easter egg. References to popular anime, the X-Files, Halo, Big foot, and plenty more can all be found. Examine Lester's pad carefully!


Mystery 8 Killer

The Mystery 8 Killer is one of GTA 5's more cool and elaborate easter eggs. Graffiti found all over GTA 5's world seems to be left by the killer himself, each creepy sing-songy rhyme leading to yet another clue and hinting at yet another murder. A final message sends players to cellblock 9A in GTA 5's otherwise underutilized prison. A newspaper clipping found near the first clue states that the serial killer died in prison. But did he really?


Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.08.56 PM





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According to the recent news online, the data mining hack on "GTA Online' revealed the possible arrival of new and final vehicles for the game. Aside from that, more leaked details were thrown on the internet, setting the talks about "GTA V" Biker DLC 2.

EXPRESS UK reported that, a total of six clubhouse interiors will be soon available on the Biker DLC 2. The new interior design is expected to arrive this November, whereas the other leaked data; the new content drop may arrive this December. meanwhile , fans hinted that these new content drops will include the usual holiday gear for the game.

The biggest revelation on the recent "GTA V" Biker DLC 2 update has been the rumored new feature that allows car selling within the game. Of course, this has not been confirmed by Rockstar, but data miners are sure, it will arrive on the game soon.

One of the most anticipated feature on the "GTA V" Biker DLC 2 has something to do with the import/export game mechanic that until now, remains unconfirmed. Meanwhile, you may want to take advantage of the game's latest bonuses; all set to expire by November 28. These bonuses include, Double GTA$ and RP in Kill Quota, Buckingham SuperVolito and SuperVolito Carbon at 20 percent off, 25 percent off on Vehicle Customisations, 25 percent off on Clothing and 25 percent of on weapons, which include Compact Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Assault Rifle.

Because of PlayStation Now streaming, gamers using their PCs or PlayStation 4 could play Rockstar’s “Red Dead Redemption” when the developer releases it on Tuesday, Dec. 6. It would be the first time that PC users, who had been clamoring for the game for years, to finally play the western action adventure video game.

Also to be made available through PlayStation Now streaming on PC and PS4 is “Undead Nightmare,” the PS3 version of “Red Dead Redemption.” The release comes with a new, zombie-themed campaign and Horde-style multiplayer mode, according to GameSpot.

450 Other Titles On PS Now Streaming

Although Rockstar released “Red Dead Revolver” in November, it was “Red Dead Redemption” that gamers had been asking the studio. But PlayStation Now is only in North America, the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands. To access the game and 450 other titles, players must pay $20 monthly, or $45 for three months, to gain access to “Red Dead Revolver,” Engadget reports.

In 2017, Rockstar would release “Red Dead Redemption 2” on PS4 and Xbox One. While waiting for its release, gamers initiated a petition on to release on PC the upcoming “amazing game.” They want that the long denial of the original game to PC users would not be repeated when the developer releases “Red Dead Redemption 2” next year.

"Red Dead Redemption 2" Too

The number of signatures gathered has reached more than 46,500. It is just a few thousand away from the target 50,000 signatures. Rockstar has not commented on the petition, titled “Rockstar: Release ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ on PC,” or released any official statement on the matter, ParentHerald reports.

To whet the appetite of gamers, the studio had already published the much-anticipated trailer of “Red Dead Redemption 2” on YouTube. Since the trailer’s release a month ago, the clip has close to 9 million views.


Savvy CEOs know there's always more for the taking. While Special Cargo business in Southern San Andreas is booming, another opportunity to expand your hold on the city awaits. With GTA Online: Import/Export it's time to muscle into the lucrative and specialized field of high-volume exotic car theft.

Stealing and dealing high-end vehicles is serious business. Building on the supply chains of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, Import/Export introduces a whole new series of criminal pursuits as CEOs and their organizations boost, modify and resell the most wanted vehicles in the city for big profits. It will take talent, coordination and the tactical use of some brand new Special Vehicles to get the job done, all while staying one step ahead of the police and rival challengers from across the city and countryside.

New Vehicle Warehouses will house the results of your importing and exporting operations, while CEOs can also reap the fruits of their labor with expansions to the Executive Office buildings. Add massive Executive Office Garages with up to three floors of showroom quality storage for as many as 60 vehicles, complete with customizable décor and a Custom Auto Shop.

Stay tuned for more details about Import/Export, including a glimpse at all new Special Vehicles that deliver a unique breed of vehicular mayhem and destruction to GTA Online.

Get ready to hit the ground running in Import/Export – coming soon to GTA Online – and to better assist CEO’s to prepare, we’ve tailored this week’s bonuses toward getting the gear you need faster. Get Double GTA$ & RP on a host of game modes, discounts on key items from Executives and Other Criminals and Further Adventures in Finance and Felony including 50% off Executive Offices to run SecuroServ operations and more. Read on for more details.



Starting today, team up to protect the Executive Target and earn Double GTA$ & RP in Entourage, Extraction and Hunting Pack. Also earn Double GTA$ & RP in Deadline as you hop on your Shotaro and utilize power-ups to obliterate foes with your light trail.



On edge after a tense match of Deadline? Take a load off and slip into something more comfortable like the Blue Paisley Pajamas and Smoking Jacket, available for free just by logging in. Head to any clothing store in GTA Online and claim these relaxing threads in time for the holidays.



There’s so many opportunities for a CEO in San Andreas, but everything starts with an Office. Establish a base of operations in time for Import/Export or upgrade your current digs with 50% off Executive Offices, including Office Décor & Customization. Once you're set up, embellish your collection by taking advantage of some big discounts on a wide range of items. Increase your margins by taking 25% off Special Cargo Crates and handle Special Cargo Sales with your Organization, or pick up the luxurious yet practical Turreted Limo for 50% off. Take advantage of discounts on the following items and services from Executives and Other Criminals and Further Adventures in Finance and Felony:


Executives and Other Criminals

  • Turreted Limo - 50% off
  • Declasse Mamba - 25% off
  • Gallivanter Baller (Armored & Standard, all models) - 25% off
  • Enus Cognoscenti (All models) - 25% off

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony

  • Executive Offices - 50% off
  • Office Décor & Customization - 50% off
  • Assistant Services - 50% off
  • All FAFF Clothing - 50 % off
  • Vehicle Upgrades from Warehouses - 25% off
  • Grotti X80 Proto - 25% off
  • Vapid FMJ - 25% off
  • Benefactor XLS (Armored & Standard) - 25% off


White water rafting is for cowards. Strap inside your Annis RE-7B or Emperor ETR1 and plunge through tubes suspended above Raton Canyon at breakneck speed. Locked to the Super class and set to Non-Contact, all participants earn Triple RP with substantial GTA$ prizes for the top three finishers. To access the Premium Race, enter the yellow blip at Legion Square or via the Quick Job App on your in-game phone today through December 12th.


Christmas officially comes a few days early with the Festive Surprise 2016, now available in GTA Online. This holiday season includes brand new festive items in stores across Los Santos, as well as the return of all your favorites from past holiday seasons, along with a new Super class vehicle offering compliments of Benny’s Original Motor Works. 

Get in the holiday spirit with new seasonally-themed Sweaters and Hats, along with all the returning classic Masks, Santa outfits and other festive clothing - all available to add to your inventory absolutely free now through January 9th.

Light up the streets with colorful new Bodysuits available for purchase from clothing stores; each with illumination settings to glow, pulse or flash. Or get lit like your drunk uncle with the Firework Launcher, returning to the shelves at Ammu-Nation (and under the trees of all the good little boys and girls in Southern San Andreas on Christmas Eve) to help you celebrate the holidays in explosive style while you wait for that rare Los Santos snowfall phenomenon.




Coming out of the holy modification temple known as Benny's Original Motor Works, the highly customizable Nero is easy on the eyes with its sleek design and also packs plenty of zip. And keep your eyes open throughout the holiday season for more special vehicle inventory updates at Benny's, as part of GTA Online: Import/Export.  





Available through Sunday January 2nd, log in to GTA Online to unlock the sophisticated Bold Pinstripe Smoking Jacket and Pajamas.


What holiday would be complete without oversharing pictures on LifeInvader to try and make all your casual acquaintances red-and-green with envy?  Snap your new gifts, or capture a Christmas miracle and enter the #FESTIVESURPRISE2016 Snapmatic Contest. Tag relevant pics with #FESTIVESURPRISE2016 on Social Club for a chance to be one of five chosen Snapmatic photographers, who will each receive a hefty holiday bonus of GTA$1,000,000. Valid submissions must be taken any time between today and 11:59 PM ET on Monday, January 2nd. Official Rules


The benefits of territorial battling continue as Double GTA$ & RP on the new Turf Wars Adversary Mode has been extended. Through this Thursday, December 22nd, stand your ground and paint your enemy's tiles at twice the profit.

Be your own Secret Santa and gift yourself with any of these GTA Online items, available at 25% off now through January 2nd - featuring everything from luxury vehicles and real estate to weaponry.

Vehicles: Enus Super Diamond, Nagasaki Shotaro, Resprays and Neons
Air Travel: Buckingham Nimbus and Volatus
Real Estate: Eclipse Towers Penthouses, Stilt Houses and High End Apartment Interiors
Ammu-Nation: Compact Grenade Launcher, Sweeper Shotgun, Mini SMG and Compact Rifle





The latest Stunt Race to get the Premium treatment in GTA Online is "Plummet". Now through January 2nd, hit the yellow blip at Legion Square or enter via the Quick Job App on your in-game phone to compete for GTA$ prizes as one of the top three finishers. Regardless of how you fare, you'll earn Triple RP just for participating.


Reminisce about the good old days while you hysterically race to avoid bursting into flames in Tiny Racers, the new retro-styled Adversary Mode in GTA Online.

Tiny Racers channels the spirit of classic GTA titles with a shifting, bird’s-eye perspective designed to bring you a new flavor of vehicle combat. Up to four players can duke it out for the top spot across seven new courses with just one rule: Don’t blow up. Fall too far behind first place and your tiny car goes boom.

Scattered across the track are various power-ups ranging from Rockets and Bombs to light-wielding Shotaros and Special Vehicles. Making good use of these power-ups is key to closing the distance and avoiding a fiery doom. To celebrate the launch of Tiny Racers we’re currently awarding Double GTA$ & RP to all participants.

Log in and play GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One or PC at any point between now and Sunday, April 30th to be eligible for a GTA$425K tax refund compliments of the San Andreas State Treasury Department, to be deposited in your Maze Bank account during the month of May.

FEB 2018: Itchy trigger fingers across Los Santos and Blaine County, prepare yourselves for Battle Week: whether you’re armed to the teeth and under fire in Hardest Target, on the hunt for an Insurgent on the shrinking perimeter in Motor Wars or dodging shotguns in the dark in Slashers, Battle Week brings 2X cash and RP for those happy to go down fighting.

Plus, get key Battle Week discounts on the Chernobog mobile ballistic missile launcher, the Avenger - a flying fortress with a workshop to upgrade your weapons - and take advantage of Mk II discounts and savings on some of Ammu-Nation’s most popular armaments. All this as well as the release of a brand new rugged off-roader to add to your collection of vehicular bullies.


The Canis Kamacho is a throwback to the glory days of the American 4X4 - delivering the reliability of a pickup and the resilience of a small battleship without the compromise of aerodynamics. With a rock solid chassis and the suitably Spartan interior of a real off-roader, look down on your friends from on high in the Canis Kamacho. Now available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.


Protect your right to life, liberty and hot lead with the Black Ammu-Nation Tee - a free unlock for those who log in to GTA Online during Battle Week, now through February 12th.


Motor Wars: Parachute into a warzone with a pistol and a prayer in Motor Wars and face off on the ground with heavy arms and Weaponized Vehicles. The longer you and your team survive, the smaller the field of combat, until players are forced into full-on confrontation. Just remember to pull your chute or you’re done before you start.

Hardest Target: There’s a bullseye on your back that everyone can see, but the hot seat changes every minute. Neutralize the opposing team’s Target while protecting your own to put points on the board and bring home the win.

Slashers: Maybe you’ve watched enough movies to outsmart a maniac, but how about a whole team of them? Slashers pits a mob of Shotgun-wielding lunatics against the Hunted - with teams swapping roles every 60 seconds until one side has been wiped out entirely.

Occupy: Two teams fight for control of three Capture Zones amid flying rocket bikes and a host of deadly Weaponized Vehicles. Each precious second your team holds a Zone counts towards victory, but keep an eye out for unwanted visitors looking to steal away your hard-earned land.


Through February 12th, prep for Doomsday the right way: with deadly accuracy and maximum explosive impact. From hefty discounts on Warstock favorites such as the Mammoth Avenger to half-price Ammo across the board, it's a great time to be in the arms game.

Warstock Cache & Carry Discounts

  • Mammoth Avenger - 25% off
  • HVY Chernobog (Weaponized) - 25% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • Bravado Half-Track (Weaponized) - 40% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • Vom Feuer Anti-Aircraft Trailer (Weaponized) - 35% off (Buy it Now & Trade Price)
  • Weaponized Declasse Tampa (Weaponized) - 40% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)

Mk II Discounts

  • Mk II Upgrades - 30% off (cost to upgrade to Mk II weapon)
  • Mk II Ammo (all types) - 50% off
  • Mk II Magazines - 25% off
  • Mk II Scopes - 25% off
  • Mk II Muzzles - 25% off
  • Mk II Weapon Liveries - 25% off

Ammu-Nation Discounts

  • Ammo - 50% off
  • Assault Rifles - 30% off
  • Sniper Rifles - 30% off
  • Melee Weapons - 30% off
  • Body Armor - 30% off
  • RPG - 30% off

There's also 30% off all Aircraft Weapons fitted in your Hangar Workshop - and for the true prepper, take 25% off the Security Room upgrade in your Facility and get access to your very own set of deployable goons.


Premium Race: "Bumblebee" (Locked to Rocket Voltic)

Take the Rocket Voltic through a series of gut-wrenching jumps on a tunneled track in the clouds during this week’s high stakes Premium Race, Bumblebee. Premium Races are your chance to test your skills and race for big cash. Ante up and compete in a Rockstar-created Stunt Race where the top three finishers earn GTA$ and all participants get Triple RP regardless of where they place. Launch Premium Races through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square.

Time Trial: "Route 68"

Take a trip across the great state of San Andreas on historic Route 68, from the sleepy towns in the heart of the Grand Senora Desert to the shore of the Pacific Ocean. To take a shot at the Time Trial, set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Beat par time and you'll be duly rewarded with GTA$ & RP.

MAY 2018:

Southern San Andreas is rewarding the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens; whether you’re fresh off the plane at LSIA or a longstanding VIP, everyone who logs in to GTA Online this week will qualify for a state sponsored gift of GTA$250K. To keep your hustle running like clockwork, they’ll also slide you an additional GTA$150K for each subsequent day you log in to GTA Online this week, through May 14th. Earn over GTA$1,000,000 for participating every day. All bonus cash awards will be deposited into your Maze Bank account between May 15th and May 21st.

NEW VEHICLE: The Overflod Tyrant is a testament to human ingenuity. We're not sure who's more impressive: the team of engineers who've taken us as close as possible to installing a gear stick and a steering wheel in the front of a hurricane, or the team of lawyers who got it classified as road legal. Take your pick and grab your Overflod Tyrant today, exclusively from Legendary Motorsport. 


The Vapid Dominator GTX is the muscle car reborn: half brute force, half pristine performance and all American. When you're looking to make shockwaves through the streets of Southern San Andreas, look no further. The Dominator GTX, only at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.





Since excess is all the rage these days, we're giving you a trio of modes to earn double rewards in as well.

Keep an eye on your iFruit for money making opportunities from some familiar faces or load up any Contact Mission using the in-game menu to earn Double GTA$ & RP through May 14th.

Rockstar Stunt Races are also dishing out bonus GTA$ & RP to all competitors, and double payouts continue to roll on for the Special Vehicle Circuit, giving jetpack fliers and deep sea speedsters plenty of ways to profit off their lust for adrenaline. 



Let the club know you're packing while flaunting your love for their services with the Vanilla Unicorn T-Shirt and Black Ammu-Nation Cap, both free unlocks to all who log in to GTA Online by May 14th. 

And if you're looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2 after this past week's trailer and previews, and have yet to unearth the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online, make sure to check the inbox on your in-game iFruit for the first clue to unlocking this antique in both GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2. Look for another lost relic from the frontier to be unearthed in Los Santos later this year. 



You can't rule Southern San Andreas from your momma's basement—you need to own turf and this week every major business property type is getting a price cut to make your dreams of world domination a reality. Once your business operations are up and running, take advantage of one of the several speedy vehicles on sale throughout the week to travel quickly between them. And when it's time to escape the heat, hop into the flying fortress that is the Mammoth Avenger and leave the LSPD in your dust.

Check out the full breakdown for this week's discounts below. 

  • Executive Offices – 50% off
  • Biker Clubhouses – 50% off
  • All Yachts & Yacht Modifications – 50% off
  • Bunkers – 40% off
  • Hangars – 40% off
  • Facilities – 30% off 
  • Mobile Operations Center – 30% off
  • Armored Kuruma – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • Nagasaki Shotaro – 30% off (play a round of Deadline to unlock for purchase)
  • HVY Barrage – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • Ocelot Ardent – 30% off
  • BF Dune FAV – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • Bravado Half-Track – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • BF Ramp Buggy – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • Cheval Taipan – 30% off
  • Ocelot Pariah – 30% off
  • Pegassi Tempesta – 30% off
  • Grotti Cheetah – 30% off
  • Grotti Stinger – 30% off
  • Truffade Z-Type – 30% off
  • Mammoth Avenger – 30% off
  • FH-1 Hunter – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • Buckingham Akula – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • Western Company Seabreeze – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • Mobile Operations Center Upgrades – 30% off
  • Mammoth Avenger Renovations – 30% off
  • Benny’s Upgrade – 30% off
  • Engine Upgrades – 30% off
  • Handling Upgrades – 30% off
  • Brake Upgrades – 30% off
  • Transmission Upgrades – 30% off
  • Turbo – 30% off
  • Suspension – 30% off
  • Spoilers – 30% off
  • Mk II Upgrades – 25% off (cost to upgrade to Mk II weapon)



Compete in this week’s Premium Race, Night Ride (locked to the Ruiner 2000), where the top three earn extra GTA$ and all participants get triple RP regardless of finishing position. Launch Premium Races through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square.


Check out this week's Time Trial, Storm Drain. Set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Beat par time and you'll be duly rewarded with GTA$ & RP.


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